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Books And Bookstores

On this page we will collect information on online bookstores, used book searches, high quality academic bookstores and used bookstores.

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Chinese Name: 孔夫子旧书网
Description: Online seller of used books from thousands of bookstores.

Dang Dang
Chinese Name: 当当网
Description: Has a large collection of books for sale. Ships books internationally.


See the Taiwan Bookstores page.


See the Korea Bookstores page.


Japanese Name: 日本の古本屋
Description: A very large search engine of used bookstores. Payments usually by Japanese bank transfers.

Japanese Name: 神保町
Description: Collective search of many bookstores in Tokyo's Kanda Jinbocho.

Amazon Japan
Japanese Name: Amazon
Description: Major online bookseller in Japan. Easy international delivery. English available. Anyone can order within or outside of Japan.

Also see Other Websites, Bibliographies, and Link Collections as there may be some overlap.

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