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To edit a page on this website which is not locked, simply click the "Edit" button at the top right or the bottom of the page. After making your changes enter the required word indicated at the bottom of the editing box, followed by the "Save" button. You are encouraged to "Preview" your changes prior to saving, and if you are correcting only a few letters here and there, to check the "This is a minor edit" button.

Viewing the existing text of pages as you edit them you will quickly notice a great deal of "markup" or special coded text to tell the wiki how to format the text as you input. To learn more about this markup code, about how to make new pages from scratch, and a range of other powerful features in PmWiki, see the documentation pages below:

  • Basic Editing - A very basic introduction to writing wiki entries.
  • Text Formatting Rules - A much more elaborate list of the possible markup permitted in PmWiki
  • Creating New Pages - A help document dedicated to how you create pages from scratch.
  • Links - A help document focused on the various ways you can link between wiki pages and outside of the wiki.
  • Suggested Guidelines - Guideline for structuring the content of archive entries within the East Asian Libraries and Archives
  • What Belongs Where - Help with deciding where to put information you want to contribute.
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