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International Christian University Library
Japanese Name: 国際基督教大学
Description: A private university in Tokyo.

International Library of Children's Literature
Japanese Name: 国際子ども図書館
Description: See also the museum in Osaka

Keio University Libraries
Japanese Name: 慶応大学
Description: A private university in Tokyo.

National Institute for Defense Studies
Japanese Name: 防衛研究所

The National Diet Library
Japanese Name: 国立国会図書館
Description: Japan's largest library.

The Oya Soichi Library
Japanese Name: 大宅壮一文庫
Description: Large periodical collection.

Japanese Name: 昭和館
Description: Exhibit of daily life in the wartime and Showa period. Archive and Audio/Visual library of the period.

Tokyo Metropolitan Library
Japanese Name: 都立図書館
Description: Large library in Hiroo.

Tosho Bunko Textbook Library?
Japanese Name: 東書文庫
Description: Textbook library of all school subjects.

The Toyo Bunko (The Oriental Library)
Japanese Name: 東洋文庫
Description: Largest library and research institute in Japan focused on Asian studies.

University of Tokyo Libraries
Japanese Name: 東京大学
Description: Japan's leading public university.

Waseda University Libraries
Japanese Name: 早稲田大学
Description: A private university in Tokyo with several libraries and an excellent online search database.

Japanese Name: 遊就館
Description: The museum and video library attached to Yasukuni shrine.

Japan Tourist Bureau Library
Link: http://www.jtb.or.jp/library/
Japanese Name: 旅の図書館 Description: A small library near Tokyo Station. Contains hundreds of tourist guidebooks from the past twenty years. There is also a digital version of the JTB's two pre-war magazines, Tabi and Tourist.

Chiba Prefecture

The National Museum of Japanese History
Japanese Name: 国立歴史民族博物館


NHK Archives?
Japanese Name: NHKアーカイブス
Description: Archives of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation.


Broadcast Library?
Japanese Name:放送ライブラリー
Description: Radio and television archives.

The Newspaper Library
Japanese Name: 新聞ライブラリー
Description: Hundreds of newspapers, free newspaper database access.

The Yokohama Archives of History
Japanese Name: 横浜開港資料館
Description: Exhibitions on the opening of Japan and lots of related Meiji materials.

Aichi Prefecture

Pre-war China Postcard Database?
Link: http://iccs.aichi-u.ac.jp/postcard/manzhou/category-45/
Japanese Name: 愛知大学国際中国学研究センター 中国戦前絵葉書データベース
Description: Collection of Japanese postcards from Manchuria and Manchukuo.

Shiga Prefecture

The Pak Collection at The University of Shiga Prefecture
Link: http://www.linc.usp.ac.jp/collection/collection.html
Japanese Name: 滋賀県立大学図書情報センターの朴慶植文庫
Description: A large collection of rare Japanese publications on Korea during the colonial period.

Former Colonies Archive at The Institute for Business and Economic Research Shiga University?
Link: http://mokuroku.biwako.shiga-u.ac.jp/eml5.asp?mode=manmou
Japanese Name: 滋賀大学経済経営研究所 旧殖民地関係資料
Description: A digital archive of materials related to Japan's former colonies and Manchuria. Not all entries have a digitized version. Searchable by place and keyword.

Fukui Prefecture

Seinendan Newsletter Archives at Tsuruga College
Link: http://yinye4.3322.org/digital_archive/index.html
Japanese Name: 青年団報アーカイブス
Description: Collection of youth corps (Seinendan) newsletters from all over the country including Taiwanese, Korean, Sakhalin, and Manchurian groups which used to be stored in Nihon Seinenkan. Those from Akita, Okinawa, and Manchuria are available online but you can request to view the rest at Tsuruga College.

Yamagata Prefecture

Postcard Database at Tohoku University of Art and Design?
Link: http://www.tobunken-archives.jp/DigitalArchives/search/?lang=&m=1&t=0
Japanese Name: 東北芸術工科大学東北文化研究センター 絵葉書検索
Description: Collection of postcards from the the pre-war and wartime period. Contains postcards from Korea, Manchuria, and Taiwan, as well as from metropolitan Japan.

Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Prefectural Archives?
Link: http://www.pref.miyagi.jp/koubun/
Japanese Name: 宮城県公文書館
Description: A thorough archive of official documents from Meiji to Showa. Particularly strong on education-related materials. The database is not available online, but the archivist will email you the list of available materials if you submit key words in advance. There is no restriction regarding taking photos of the documents with a digital camera. Some are archived in the form of microfilms. Printing is 10 yen per page.

Miyagi Prefectural Library?
Link: http://www.library.pref.miyagi.jp/wo/opc/srh/?stype=smp
Japanese Name: 宮城県図書館
Description: Holds a good collection of local newspapers and other local publications. They let you use a digital camera in a separate room.

Tohoku University Library?
Link: http://tul.library.tohoku.ac.jp/index.php?easiestml_lang=ja
Japanese Name: 東北大学図書館

Other Online Archives and Museums

Digital Museum on The Comfort Women Issue and the Asian Women's Fund?
Link: http://www.awf.or.jp/index.html
Japanese Name: デジタル記念館「慰安婦問題とアジア女性基金」

Online Databases Related to Japan

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