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Suggested Guidelines

Suggested Guidelines for Creating New Entries

In order to maintain consistency in entries across this Wiki, these simple guidelines are offered as a recommended format for new entries. First a few points:

Don't be afraid to leave some information blank. Wiki sites are "always under construction" and others can come along and add information when they have some to offer. If you are not sure about some information, include in the "notes" section, but leave unknown information blank in the main section. Other visitors who have accurate information may add it later If your browser does not correctly display the Asian language text for the page in question, do not try to edit the page as it may corrupt existing text (don't worry too much if this happens by mistake, later users can restore earlier versions and copy and paste your substantive changes to the earlier restored version if necessary) Try to keep things short in the Usage section, adding your personal experiences and comments in the notes section. As an indication of how up to date the information is, always include the last time you visited the library and confirmed the information or if you only got the information from a web page supply a date if you can find a "last updated" notation on their website. Two links that might also be of use:

How to Add Pages - Learn how to create new pages on this site.
Discussion about Guidelines - Discuss these guidelines and suggestions for changes.

An Example Entry (for copy and paste into a new entry)

To use this example entry, click "edit" at the bottom of this page, then copy and paste the text below this line into a new entry:

(Library, Archive, or Museum Name)

General Information

(Language in Question) Name:
(Language in Question) Address:
Phone Number:
Fax Number: Email Address: something AT domainname.com
Online: http://www.thelinkaddress.com/
Database Search: http://www.thelinkaddress.com/
Entry Fee: Opening Times: Ex. M-F, 9-5. Reading materials can be requested 9-4.
Closed: Closed national holidays and bla bla bla
Information Last Confirmed:


(Here put information on how to get to the archives and optionally add links to a map)

  • (Map Link)


(Are there restrictions on access to the archive? Who can use it? Is there a special application process, a card to fill out? Is it generally closed to public access? Are there certain parts of the archive not accessible? Also put general advice here on how to use the archives)


Card Catalogs:
Reading Room:
Photocopy Machines:
Photocopy Prices:
Vending Machines:
Nearby Food:

Collections of Note

(What collections are available or are of special interest?)

Other Related Links

  • First Link - Explanation
  • Second Link - Explanation

Other Notes, Comments and Experiences

  • (Here put your personal notes, experiences and advice for other visitors followed by your name and date last visited in parantheses) (Last Visited: Date)
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