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Academia Sinica
Chinese Name: 中央研究院
Description: The government supported research institution.

Academia Historica?
Chinese Name: 國史館
Description: The national archives of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

National Central Library?
Chinese Name: 國家圖書館
Link: http://lib.ncl.edu.tw/e_menu.htm
Description: The national central library of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

National Taiwan Library?
Chinese Name: 國立中央圖書館臺灣分館
Link: http://www.ntl.edu.tw/
Description: A new central library in Taipei, housing the Taiwan research center.

National Taiwan University Library
Chinese Name: 國立臺灣大學圖書館
Link: http://www.lib.ntu.edu.tw/
Description: The main library of NTU

National Archives Administration
Chinese Name: 檔案管理局
Link: http://www.archives.gov.tw/
Description: The archives of government documents of mostly post-1945.

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