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1. I wish to contribute information about a specific archive, library, or museum:

Go to the link corresponding to the country the institution is located in (or "Others" if it is outside of East Asia). Some of these country index pages, such as China, have sub-pages for provinces, and sub-sections for prefectures, cities, etc. Go to and edit the appropriate page and, if necessary, add a sub-section for the region in which your institution is located. See the Suggested Guidelines for more on how to structure your entry.

2. I wish to contribute information about a website I believe is useful to researchers:

If the website you wish to add is associated with a particular library, (non-digital) archive, or museum which has or could potentially have its own entry, then append the link to the appropriate institution's page or create a new empty page (Using the Suggested Guidelines for the basic skeleton) for that institution that others can add to later. Otherwise consult the list under the "Other Resources" category in the sidebar for the most appropriate place to add your link. Databases: Online search engines of various sorts not designed to search the complete holdings of a particular institution that could potentially have its own entry, used book search engines, article databases, special digital archives of historical documents, etc. belong here. Bibliographies: Online lists of sources of use to the researcher of particular topics or regions. Forums & Lists: Links to online bulletin boards, subscription mailing lists etc. Organizations: Institutions dedicated to the study of East Asia or East Asia related institutes associated with particular universities etc. Fellowships: Information about scholarships and fellowships for the study of East Asia, or East Asian languages. Link Collections: Links to sites which have large lists of links related to East Asia. Journals: A list of online and offline journals related to East Asia, with mention of whether or not they are available to read or download articles from online. Weblogs: List of weblogs for which a significant percentage of postings relate to the study of East Asia. Weblogs which happen to be by authors who simply live in the region or which contain a lot of unrelated or inappropriate material are not to be added and may be deleted at the discretion of the administrator. Other Websites: A range of other sites which may be of use to those doing research on East Asia which does not fit easily into any of the other categories.

3. I have visited an archive, library, museum, or done research in a country which is included on this website. I would like to leave behind some of my observations that may be of use to those doing research there in the future:

Find the specific institution you are referring to (or create the skeleton of an entry in reference to the Suggested Guidelines). At the bottom of the page for the country pages, local area sub-level pages, and the pages of individual institutions there is either a heading labelled "Comments and Personal Experiences" or a link to a separate page for compiling such comments. Keep your comments to a paragraph or to and follow it up with your name and when you last visited the place in question, for example: K. M. Lawson (Last Visited: [Date])

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