Guides to the Study of East Asian History

Frog in a Well hosts a number of collaborative weblogs on East Asian History, a wiki to collect information on East Asian Libraries and Archives, and a small library of historical documents of interest to students of East Asian history. Now we wish to host a number of reference guides for students and scholars studying East Asia.

About the Guides

This collection of guides to the study of East Asian History is inspired by the amazing bibliographies found online including the Modern Chinese History bibliography, the Korean History Bibliography, but most of all, the wonderful work of Henry Smith and students of his Columbia University bibliography class that has resulted in the Japanese Bibliography site.

The guides below are the work of graduate students or scholars of East Asia. They may or not be regularly updated and expanded. Users of these guides are advised to take into account the date at which the guide in question was last updated, and when the links were last checked as they use these resource guides. If you wish to encourage a bibliography author to make additions or changes to their bibliography, contact them in the manner they indicate in the bibliography, or alternatively, you may add your thoughts and additions on a special wiki page constructed at the EALA for each of the guides.

A Basic Guide to Resources on Japanese Colonialism

Author: Sayaka Chatani (PhD student, History, Columbia University)
Builds Upon: Bibliographies by Nicole Cohen and Ethan Mark.
Last Update: 2012.02.26
Links Checked: 2012.02.26
Created: 2009.08
EALA Wiki Page

Keeping Up with Academic Journals using RSS: A Guide for Students and Scholars of East Asia

COMING SOON (Draft in circulation)
: Konrad Lawson (PhD Candidate, History, Harvard University)
Version: 1.0
Last Update: 2010.3.28
Links Checked: 2009.3.28
Created: 2010.3.23
EALA Wiki Page

How to Contribute a Guide to This Collection

We welcome contributions by students and scholars of East Asian history of more guides. We wish to avoid general guides that claim to be comprehensive guides to resources in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean history, which are very difficult to maintain. Instead, we encourage contributors to author guides on specialized topics within East Asian history. You may email your proposed contribution to Konrad Lawson (kmlawson at in the form of a Word, RTF, OpenOffice, or HTML file. However, if you send an HTML document, we ask that you do not create the HTML by exporting it from Microsoft Word or other major word processing applications, given the problematic code that is produced.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Konrad Lawson: Contact page.

Konrad M. Lawson
Last Modified: August, 2009