Contemporary Japan

This page offers a deep linked list of tables of contents for a collection of 34 issues of Contemporary Japan: A Review of Far Eastern Affairs that are available for viewing and download on the Internet Archive. Written in the English language in a tone of a detached academic journal, the articles in these issues that address current events, without exception, offer their full support for Japan’s empire and its wartime conquests, while many of its other pieces on culture embrace the nationalist exceptionalism of Japan at the time. Authors of these works include a number of prominent Japanese intellectuals and diplomats, as well as a several interesting non-Japanese authors based in Japan during World War II.

In addition to the main articles in each issue, which offer students and researchers limited to English language sources a Japanese perspective on its times, two other aspects of these issues are worth highlighting. First, the “March of Events” and “Chronicle of Current Events” found in each issue offer the reader a view of what events were perceived as important from a Japanese perspective, and a chance to see how these were described. Secondly, the “Documentary Material” section at the end of each issue offers a rich source of English translations of official documents, treaties, speeches, and official government statements.

Links to the individual articles (the contents lists exclude extracts and book review sections) below will take you to the relevant page in the online archive.

1941 Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec
1942 Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | – | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec
1943 Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec
1944 – | Feb | – | Jul – Sep | Oct – Dec
1945 Jan – Mar | –

1941 Volume X

June, 1941 – ToC

Note: the Table of Contents lists the date as “May” but spine says “June”

July, 1941 ToC

August, 1941ToC

September, 1941 ToC

October, 1941 ToC

November, 1941 ToC

December, 1941 ToC

1942 Volume XI

January, 1942 ToC

February, 1942 ToC

March, 1942ToC

April, 1942 ToC

June, 1942 ToC

July, 1942 ToC

August, 1942 ToC

September, 1942 ToC

October, 1942 ToC

November, 1942 ToC

December, 1942 ToC

1943 Volume XII

January, 1943 ToC

February, 1943 ToC

March, 1943 ToC

April, 1943 ToC

May, 1943 ToC

June, 1943 ToC

July, 1943 ToC

August, 1943 ToC

September, 1943 ToC

October, 1943 ToC

November, 1943 ToC

December, 1943 ToC

1944 Volume XIII

February, 1944 ToC

July – September, 1944ToC

October – December, 1944 ToC

1945 Volume XIV

January – March, 1945ToC

In addition to these issues, see a list of issues and contents from 1930-1970 at the National Diet Library of Japan. The NDL holdings, however, are missing some of the 1942 and 1943 issues listed above.

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