April 15th — Date of Destiny

Three significant events converge on April 15th this year:

  • First, it is US Tax Filing Deadline Day. How is it that you can live almost identical lives from year to year, and the forms still look too complicated?
  • Second, it is the date of the Sixth History Carnival, which I will be hosting at Cliopatria. Send your nominations (self or other) to me at dresner AT hawaii DOT edu, with “History Carnival” or some such in the subject line. That’s so I can tell the difference between your messages and the e-mails from my students asking their grades on the History Fair we just had….
  • Third, it is the extended deadline for paper or panel submissions to the 2005 ASPAC conference, which I’ve mentioned here before. I’ll be there, though I haven’t figured out what my paper is going to be yet, either. Maybe they’d be interested in a discussion of Asian history blogging?

I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything too important. It’s probably the day the supermarkets around here run out of matzo, too, but they don’t announce that in advance.

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