Poem of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Last time I was in Japan I went through a lot of bookshelves looking for relevant litterature for my research. At the library of Gifu university they have a lot of books that belongs to old universities and such and these books are not a part of the library computer system. Thus, one has to look through the books in person, which I really like. There are many books which are older and most has not been touched by anyone during the last 20 years or so. Among these books there is a book called ”戦国時代和歌集” published 1943 (First two kanji in older style but my computer cant write them). In this book, as the title so says, there are a lot of poems from the sengoku era with authors such as Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi to name a few.

Amongst the poems there was one which Toyotomi Hideyoshi has written in 1592,
(not sure were the last to sentences really cut though)

From the context of the intended invasion of China- which stopped in Korea and therefore has been labeled “war in korea”- this poem shows his ambitions.


  1. If you are interested in patriotic waka, I have a dozen or so + the original + transl. on pg 271-274 of “The Fifth Season” (2007), a book w/ about 2000 New Year (新年部)-related old haiku. Here is one written on NY of the year Hideyoshi would invade Korea:

    日の本の光を見せてはるかなる唐土までも春や立つらむ 細川幽斎=玄旨

    Note the fine pun on haru in the haruka — hideyoshi makes it seem like haru as in pockets expanding, no?
    Anyway, these seem foreshadowed by some 15c egs i give (all are englished, too).

    定本愛国百人集may be found online.

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