Katrina Gulliver: Self-introduction

I have just realised that despite posting a couple of times here, I have not actually introduced myself properly to the Frog in a Well community! So belatedly, here goes: I am a PhD student at Cambridge, doing research on China and Southeast Asia. My topic has drifted somewhat, suffering the slings and arrows of new publications altering the state of the literature. Broadly, I address Western perceptions of ‘the East’, specifically I am using women’s writing, c.1880-1930. I also keep a blog (http://www.katrinagulliver.com/commentary.html).

Right now I am at the AHA in Philadelphia, if any other Frog in a Well contributors are about!!


  1. Hi Katrina,

    It was very nice meeting you briefly today at the AHA.

    I don’t think I have a login here, so this will be my space for a small introduction. I am the webmaster at the Center for History and New Media (http://chnm.gmu.edu), George Mason University, in Fairfax, VA (right outside Washington, D.C.). You may be quite familiar with the Center, since we also host History News Network (http://hnn.us). Anyways, I have worked for three years at CHNM, primarily in Web & Multimedia Development and now as the Tech Coordinator/Webmaster/Server Monkey. If you have technical questions, don’t hesistate to ask.

    My interest in Chinese history stems back to a summer study abroad (in global businss) during my last year as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech. To make a very long story nice and short, I’m currently applying to doctoral programs in modern Chinese history for next fall. I’d like to focus on cultural and social history, and have a particular interest in gender identity and feminism in twentieth century China. Several topics I might pursue include women, gender, and sports in China, the parallel rise of modernity and feminism, or popular culture and media in relation to the formation of modern identity. Obviously these are pretty general, though I always find myself intrigued by modern identity and hope to explore the issue more fully in several fashions.

    So anyways, I don’t have another blog as Katrina does (though I may in the future since I’m starting a little project… ). I look forward, however, to responding to the posts on this one.

  2. Hi Katrina (and Amanda),

    Welcome aboard. It turns out I actually missed something by not going to AHA, which is always something of a surprise. It looks like all the Kool Kids were there.

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