Graduate Conference at Columbia

I participated in the East Asia Graduate Students conference at the weekend, and it was great to meet so many people working in the field, especially those with fields intersecting with mine. I also got to meet Motoe Sasaki-Gayle, another contributor to this site, as we were on the same panel, discussing the New Woman in China.

It is a shame there is nothing equivalent to this in Europe, it is an idea I kicked around a bit at my college at Cambridge, the idea of hosting a graduate students conference, having seen how successful the Columbia model is, I might try to pursue it further.

I hope the conference organisers publish the proceedings.


  1. Glad a good time was had by all. Were there any paricularly interesting presentations? (besides yours, of course)

  2. I love grad student conferences: I was one of the organizers of the (now defunct, it seems) grad conference of Japanese studies at Harvard, and I had a blast. It’s such a great environment, usually, for young (in the academic sense) scholars.

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