1. For those of us in Chinese studies who knew and studied with him, the news of Professor Hightower’s passing is most saddening. Professor Hightower was an extremely demanding teacher, and one had to be “on his toes” in his courses in Classical Chinese, but he was most of all a soft-spoken, gentle, and humane individual. One could only benefit from the refinements he brought to one’s understanding of the subtleties in Chinese literature and the patience he brought to his work with students. I owe him a special debt for recommending me to the late Homes Welch for an assistantship: this launched a thirty-five year teaching career. He shall be in my thoughts, always, as a model teacher, scholar, and human being.

  2. Dr. Hightower greeted me with cucumbers and carrots from his garden, and homemade hummus.
    He was such an inspiration. I don’t feel that I can do him any justice by talking about
    him. He was far greater than words. He paid attention to both the small and the large of life.

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