Japan Focus Back Online

Japan Focus is easily one of the best sources of articles online about Japan and Japanese history. I include the site among those I visit each day but since early June there has only been a short “under construction” message.

Today I noticed that the e-journal is back online with an explanation for its downtime:

Japan Focus was closed by an anonymous hacker on June 2. We are now up and running with a redesigned site that offers important new features including advanced search capabilities.

I hope this was not a targeted attack and that they did not lose any content in the attack. Fortunately, they have not only restored their site after the attack but added more advanced search capabilities to access their excellent archive of articles by some of the best scholars working on Japan. If you haven’t visited the site before, you can read more about it on their about page and visitors can also subscribe to receive email updates.

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  1. Glad to see they’re back up. I was wondering what had happened to my regular e-mails from them. Do you think the ‘macesque’ look is deliberate?

    Maybe about time you wrote something for them Konrad?

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