In Memorium: Edward Beauchamp

From the UH News:

Professor Emeritus Edward Beauchamp died Aug. 8 at the age of 72. Beauchamp joined the College of Education in 1969 and was a valued faculty member in both Educational Foundations and Curriculum Research Development Group for 32 years. He specialized in comparative/international education and the history of education.

In addition to his years of service to UH, Beauchamp was a Fullbright professor at Keio University, Tokyo and Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary.

I remember Beauchamp’s An American teacher in early Meiji Japan as one of the books I read my first year in graduate school — one of the first books I actually went out and bought that wasn’t a class assignment — as I fumbled around looking for a “hook” to study the internationalization of Meiji Japan.

A lot of his other publications, looking at our library records (our journal databases are down, at the moment, but references to noteworthy works appreciated), were edited volumes and documentary collections focused on the post-war era, on education, recent history, economics, international politics, and women’s issues. He also edited and annotated Richard Burton’s memoir of early Japan and coedited a volume with Akira Iriye on foreign employees in Meiji Japan. In recent years he edited Routledge’s East Asia series. As a result, he played a role in many a career.

I never met him; Hilo and Manoa are separated by ocean, not to mention an even vaster cultural gap. But his work bridged a lot of other gaps.

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