AHC Call for Posts, plus

Roy Berman, the MutantFrog himself, will host the next Asian History Carnival at Mutant Frog Travelogue on the 18th. Get your nominations in to him directly (roy dot berman at gmail dot com), through blogcarnival.com or with del.icio.us tags. Remember, if you don’t submit anything, we may pick the worst thing you ever posted publicly….

A few other news notes:

Japan is the final resting place of … Jesus Christ? Maybe he was looking for the lost tribes of Israel

Slightly Expurgated government documents, our own, in this case, because we don’t want to admit yet what we were doing in Japan in the sixties

Everyone’s got an opinion: Latest (and loudest?) contributors to the debate over Hiroshima? Methodists v. Episcopalians: Episcopalians apologize and theconservative Methodists use FrontPageMag to object.


  1. Your last point is not quite right. The statement by the Episcopalians is a statement by authorities who speak for that denomination in America. The statement by the “Methodists” is a statement by an organization of some Methodists who do not speak on behalf of the whole denomination. They are, if you will, the conservative lobby within the denomination.

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