Alan Baumler: Best History Blog Writer, 2006

It’s official:

Best Writer: Alan Baumler at Frog in a Well

Of all the nominations, the judges felt that Alan Baumler’s writing for Frog in a Well is the finest example of how blogs can make history accessible. He stands in the middle ground between scholar and non-scholar, adeptly demystifying historical and academic issues, bringing clarity to debates with his own arguments, and enlightening the unfamiliar of Asian history and culture.

Alan Baumler is an Assistant Professor of History at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Cliopatria Award 2006: Best Writer

I was at the Cliopatria Lunch at which the awards were announced. Well, “announced” sounds so official; Ralph passed the list around and I found out about Alan when the person about two seats ahead of me let it slip. Anyway, it was fun to see everyone “in the flesh.”

More blogging about Day 2 — I was at two interesting panels, and got lots of schmoozing in — sometime on Day 3. Congratulations, Alan!


  1. Wow. Thanks to all the people who were going to nominate one of the many better writers out there and forgot. I owe it all to you.

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