Classes started today

And, as is something of a tradition here at the Frog, I am posting links to my syllabi for comments and suggestions. Actually we usually do this early enough to change things based on your advice. This time it is a little too late to order new books, but any advice about things I should keep in mind while working with any of this, or suggestions for future versions of the classes are quite welcome.

HIST 206 History of East Asia

HIST 332 Early China


  1. We’re two weeks in, and I’m about to post mine, so you’re not doing too badly.

    I like the way you refer to a 10+ page paper as “short”: they’d ride me out of town on a rail if I pulled a line like that.

    I’d love to hear later how using Schneewind went: it’s on my shelf as a possible supplement in my Early China course next time I offer it. I used Gernet’s Daily Life in China and Huang’s 1587 last time, but wasn’t entirely happy with it.

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