In honor of finals

I was going through some old papers last month and came across a collection of student exam bloopers and exclamations (you’ll see) from what was — I’m pretty sure — a 20th century Japan course I taught back in the 90s. Since the statute of limitations on embarassment must have run out by now, I present them to you for pure entertainment.

  • ALL IS HAZE! (in the corner of the first page)
  • Pretty intense exam (on cover)
  • AAARGH!! MUST GRADUATE! AND FAST! (at the end of a very short essay)
  • (And now a new party, perhaps, will rise from the Underbelly of Satan)
  • They were protected during the Cold War from nuclear invasion.
  • Japan after WWII was in rubles
  • I hope these are enough … if I discuss all of these it will take forever.
  • In a 1984 public opinion poll, Yoshida Shoin was overwhelmingly declared the greatest Japanese figure of the 20th century
  • Argh (at the end of an essay apparently cut short by time)
  • (title of essay): Chia Economy
  • The period following the war was a time of double-digit growth in the Japanese economy. As I am uncertain of which war exactly, I will discuss factors common to the period after WWI and WWII. I believe WWI was the period of double-digit growth.
  • Why couldn’t you have put on some of the 75 IDs I knew?

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  1. Those were very enjoyable! I found “I hope these are enough … if I discuss all of these it will take forever” to be particularly worthy of a laugh. Thanks for posting those!

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