Upcoming: ASPAC Blogging

Later this week I’m going to be going over to Honolulu for ASPAC 2007, the Pacific Region Asian Studies conference. The program is here: I’ll be presenting a paper on Friday1 and doing the moderator/discussant thing on Saturday2 as well as some administrative stuff3 . I won’t be liveblogging anything, I don’t think (though there’s an internet-based panel discussion with some Chinese participants4 which would be appropriate!) but I’ll be doing my usual conference blogging during and after. There’s a lot of papers I’m looking forward to hearing and discussing: as always, an extra body would be most useful during these events!

  1. Leadership in Yamaguchi Prefecture in the Early Meiji Era  

  2. Panel 6B: Marginalizing Discourses in Japanese History  

  3. I’m a member of the board, if you can believe it, and rumor has it that they want me to take on more responsibility  

  4. Panel 3C: Internet Panel: Chinese Youth and the Internet (an Internet discussion from China)  

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