Journals: European Journal Of East Asian Studies Vol 6 No 2

Below is the table of contents of the new issue of this journal:

European Journal Of East Asian Studies
2007 ; VOL 6 ; PART 2   (2007/12/01) 
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Article Title: N . F . S . Grundtvig , Niels Bukh and Other ‘Japanese’ Heroes . The Educators Obara Kuniyoshi and Matsumae Shigeyoshi and Their Lessons from the Past of a Foreign Country
Author(s): Margaret Meh
Page: 155 – 184

Article Title: When the Medium Is the Message : The Ideological Role of Yoshino Sakuzô ; Yoshino’s Minponshugi in Mobilising the Japanese Public
Author(s): Brett McCormic
Page: 185 – 215

Article Title: Regional Integration and Business Interests : A Comparative Study of Europe and Southeast Asia
Author(s): Hidetaka Yoshimatsu
Page: 217 – 243

Article Title: Constructing Relations with Hong Kong under ‘One Country , Two Systems’ . Prospects for the European Union
Author(s): Kenneth Ka – Lok Cha
Page: 245 – 273

Article Title: China Through Western Eyes . A Case Study of the BBC Television Documentary Roads to Xanadu
Author(s): Qing Ca
Page: 275 – 297

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