Asian Studies Toolbar

A recent exchange on H-Asia mentioned the Asian Studies Toolbar, which I first read about in March of last year when the maker, John Noyce (“a librarian turned writer/historian”), wrote about it on the same list. At the time I was very disappointed to read that it only worked on Windows. However I just successfully downloaded and installed it on Firefox running on my iMac, and it is AMAZING. It allows instant searches of a variety of Asian engines and blog aggreggators, it lists hundreds of Asian academic and popular journals, newspapers, and other sources as live RSS feeds, and it even includes blogs related to Asia – including the three flavors of Frog in a Well. Links to online atlases, image banks, and other sources really make this a useful tool.


  1. I’ve been hoping for a long time that something like this would pop up. I can’t try it out at the moment because I’m at the in-laws’ house, but I hope it’s as good as it sounds.

  2. Happy to hear you find the Asian Studies Toolbar useful.
    Conduit still haven’t confirmed that their toolbars run on all macs, but several users have indicated the a-s toolbar downloads and works fine on their recent macs in firefox and also in safari.
    Any suggestions for additions to the toolbar always welcome!

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