1. Yes, it’s an annual event — this is our 15th con, the 10th to be held at the BCC, and the 12th to be held in the Baltimore area. We’re the second largest anime-related convention in the US, with over 60k “turnstile” attendance (about 23k per day).

    I’m sure Omar appreciates the help getting the word out, but posting Omar’s email address on the web is going to expose it to spammers. I know *I* get an obscene amount of spam though my con account (about 500 per day that get past the ISP filters), and it’s becoming a real problem.

    http://www.otakon.com/events_panels.asp is where you should go to recommend or volunteer to run a panel; if you have another sort of event, use our web-based contact form here:

    http://www.otakon.com/contacts.asp — select Programming or Panels.

    What we’re really aiming for is panels on asian culture (customs, history, etc.) that are informative but still pitched at a fairly general audience.

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