Self Introduction

My name is Gina, I just recently graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BA in history and Asian studies. I’m between schools right now, and I am currently doing research in Shanghai on a Fulbright scholarship. After this year, I will begin my Ph.D. at Stanford university in modern Chinese history.

The research I am currently conducting in Shanghai is about education and nation building in Republican China, specifically during the Nanjing decade. I am looking primarily at primary school hygiene and everyday knowledge textbooks (卫生 and 常识) in order to look at how the government and textbook authors attempted to create citizenship based upon ritual and a specific creation of time and space. However, I’m still exploring other possible ideas; this is just the one that has most recently jumped out at me. While my primary interest is education, I am also interested in women’s history (especially in the modern era) and cultural history.

I am very much looking forward to being a part of this!


  1. hello and welcome. i look forward to reading what you have to say.

    your topics sound pretty interesting. i’m a bit of a nationalist fetishist myself having lived in nanjing. i hope you’re successful in this. best of luck, and don’t be shy about writing some of your ideas on the topic here.

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