China Postcards

Are you keeping up with China Postcards on Flikr? You should be, as he is posting an amazing collection of old cards, press photos and other stuff.

Above we have Vietnamese colonial troops preparing to defend Shanghai in 1927. Below we have Taiwanese soldiers on their way to the front during the war.

Below we have people knitting and, presumably, being reformed though labor, in 1965. There are a lot of great images in here

Press Photo 1132 新闻老照片-北平学生反日大游行 Beijing 1936

Press Photo 1225 新闻老照片-由大陆来到印度支那 1950


The antique postcard shows life in a Shanghai temple yard. It was posted from Shanghai to Canada. It’s back shows at B10.

OK, I have to stop posting these. Go find your own. There are lots

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