Bald Chinese

There is a nice post up at the Atlantic (by ) on Colombia, the image of the USA before, like Guanyin, she became male. The thing I found most interesting is the picture of her defending a Chinese immigrant.


What I find interesting about this is his head. Is he a subject of the Qing who shaves his pate, or just a modern person who suffers, as I do, from male pattern baldness?

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  1. Note the Irish thug, complete with handy bludgeon. Unfortunately, there is more than a little truth to that picture – the willingness of the Irish, after enduring ethnic and religious persecution themselves, here and abroad to turn and try to apply the same treatment to other ethnic groups is depressing. Actually, for “Irish” substitute “human” which is even more depressing.

    (Actually, looking at the mob, it’s pretty multicultural, isn’t it?)

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