I would totally buy this, and so would you.

Chinese Posters sells copies of some of its stuff, but not of this.

“To love the country one must first know its history”1

This would look perfect in the hallway of every History Department in the world. We may think  that historical study is more than just training in patriotism, but we know that a -lot- of the funding for historical stuff comes from just that. For a reminder of how important history is, and some of its implications you can’t beat this. Would you buy a copy?

  1. Ok.a better translation of would be “To love the country one must first know the country” History as such is only mentioned in the book title.  


  1. But, who’s version of the history? I would not read anything published by the “People’s Press” about China’s history. Just ask Louisa Lim. In 1982, I stumbled upon a copy of 国史大纲by钱穆。It changed my view of Chinese history forever.

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