Pictures of Japan

Do you teach about Japan? If so you might want to check out the Toshidma Gallery. Teaching is always better with pictures, and if you do Japan you are probably always on the lookout for good pictures of things like the Kanko-Maru Japan’s first steam warship.  (formerly the Dutch Soembing


Or a picture of the Battle of Gojo Bridge


Or an image of kabuki actors in a play where they portray puppeteers


Or stuff that clearly shows changes in Japanese printmaking as we get closer to the modern period, like this Kintaro-in-a-Madonna-and-Child image


Generally if you find these sorts of pictures on the web they are usually context-free. Toshidama gives us a number of nice introductions to the pictures themselves and some good little essays on aspects of Japanese culture, the print business and the impact of Western art on Japan and Japanese art on the West.

There seem to be two blogs, with one more attached to the stuff they are selling (did I mention that my birthday is coming up?) and one with more general discussions. Both are well worth reading.


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