April History Carnival! #164!

Happy April! Most April Fools Jokes will fall into the May carnival, of course, but I can’t help noting two:

Speaking of the AHA, Sadie Bergen has a nice look at “Collaborative History Blogs” or, as we used to call them, group blogs. I don’t mind that the defunct HNN group blogs (Cliopatria, Liberty and Power, etc.) aren’t mentioned, or early (if now quieter) special topics blogs (Frog in a Well, Chapati Mystery) aren’t mentioned… actually, I kinda do. NOTCHES, The Junto, S-USIH blog are all excellent projects (as are Active History Canada, Sport in American History, which aren’t mentioned) though they don’t submit stuff to the History Carnival, another phenomenon too old to attract the attention of the AHA bloggers… ok, enough ranting. It’s a decent discussion of the professionalization issue (“recreational” was how one department chair described my blogging), just a wee bit foreshortened. What do we actually have this month?

P1090511Manan Ahmed on Richard Eaton and Phillip Wagoner’s 2014 Memory, Power, Architecture: Contested Sites on India’s Deccan Plateau, 1300-1600: How To See

Brett Holman on The Melbourne balloon riot of 1858

Sharon Howard rounding up her Womens History Month posts and commenting on a few others.

Historian On The Edge with a survey of the immense amount we don’t know about King Arthur as an ahistorical figure

Karl Steel on oddities of Medieval manuscripts, including multicolored crochet repairs

David Bellos, on the publication of his book about the history of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables

Norman Rockwell, Rosie the Riveter. Crystal Bridges Museum, ArkansasRobert Smith on the purported anniversary of the first flight of K5054 the Supermarine Type 300 Spitfire prototype

Michael Meyer at TNI, on the great 19th century scientist Mary Somerville

Erik Loomis on “This Day In Labor History” looks at a 1959 Mexican railroad strike and the anniverary of Philippine independence

Hels of Melbourne on a failed 1939 attempt to get refugee visas for German and Austrian Jews

Jon Piccini on Human Rights, Women’s Rights and Third Worldism in Mexico City, 1975

VIDA: Blog of the Australian Women’s History Network is another great group blog project, and they had a predictably good Womens History Month!

Walters 2012 - Europe - Weapons - Bulletproof Helmet - grinJessica Cale at Dirty, Sexy History gets the award for the best blog name I hadn’t heard of, and has two posts: The “Poor-Whores Petition” and the Shrove Tuesday Riots on 1668 and Daniel Mendoza and the Modern Art of Boxing

Howard Dorre, The Skinny on John Quincy Adams’s Skinny Dipping Interview and debunking the myth of Anne Royall’s shame.

Speaking of debunking, I got some pushback on my Last Samurai review.

The next History Carnival will be at Yvonne Seale, author of Papal Bull? “The Young Pope” and Teaching the Middle Ages

and Hosts are needed from Jun 2017! Please contact the co-ordinator if interested.

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