Group research project -Abortive Revolution


Here is the semi-final list of topics for the group research project. So if you want a definitive list of all the things that were going on in Republican China… This is not it. More a list of things I came up with, but it does cover a lot of ground.

Abortive rev topics-E

This Fall I will again be having students do a group research project. They will split into groups and read some articles and present on them and then write something based on what everyone has presented. (Some links to previous versions of this type of thing below).


Here is a draft of the project assignment, along with a start of a list of possible readings. Any advice about possible topis is welcome!


Failure to communicate -Huainanzi

Taisho Project assessment


  1. This is such an ambitious project which is no doubt out of my ability to pitch in any idea. What flashes into my mind is, when thinking about how things were developing through those 38 years, a lively illustration of the Divine Comdey where Dante this time was first wandering somewhere in those 33 canti in the middle, having some ups and downs from time to time- and fell drastically to the first 33 canti with no hope whatsoever to ascend anymore when approaching the finale of this dramatic episode. It would be so remarkable if your students could visualize this version of Divine Comdey successfully at the end of the course.

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