Self-Introduction: K. M. Lawson

My name is Konrad Mitchell Lawson. I am in my second year of a PhD in history. My research interests relate to treason, traitors, and the aftermath of war in modern East Asia. I’m also very interested in issues of historiography, colonialism, and nationalism.

Before returning to history as a PhD student, I completed a masters degree in International Affairs and continued what was then primarily an interest in the history of Sino-Japanese relations as a research student in Tokyo for a year and a half. I have also spent a few years studying languages in China, Japan, and Korea. I have recently become much more interested in Korea and expect its history to become an increasingly central part of my graduate studies and future career.

I will be posting in English but feel free to comment in Korean or English. Though my Korean is still very poor, I welcome the challenge to my reading skills! For those who want to read more, you can visit my personal weblog here where I have had occasion to write about Korean history from time to time, mixed in with postings on Japan, China, and Norway. Finally, I am the host and administrator of Frog In a Well and welcome your comments on how to improve our project in the future.

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