Self-introduction: Kim Yuna

My name is Yu-na Kim. I’m a master course student at Seoul National University in South Korea. I’m currently writing a thesis about ancient China’s public health system and national organization. My focus is on the ancient history of china, but I also have a strong interest in Korean history and culture.

I have a keen interest in the life and culture of our ancesters – what they thought and how they lived. It might even be from myth or legend and my interests extend even to ancient clothing, customs and taboos.

My postings on my personal weblog are mosly about Chinese and Korean history, culture and literature but I write only in Korean.

This is my first time writing on an international weblog. But I’m very excited to be participating. I look forward to discussing many historical topics here.

안녕하세요, 만나서 반갑습니다.


  1. I know this question is not addressed to me, but I do know of one place you could start looking. There is actually a Korean Society of British History based at Hongik University and they publish a journal too (영국연구). You can also find the homepage of the Korean Society for Western History, based at Seoul National, here

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