Fuji Kawashima, 1938-2006

The Korean Studies mailing list has been full of people’s recollections of the the Koreanist Fuji Kawashima of Bowling Green State University, who died recently. If you are not on the list and want to read what people are saying you can look here. There is also an obituary here.

I did not know this important scholar or his work on the yangban society of Chosŏn, so I thought that for readers of Frog in a Well the most useful way to remember him might be to provide a list of some of his publications in English (taken from the Korean History Bibliography compiled by the Centre for Korean Studies at the University of Hawai’i):

Kawashima, Fujiya. “The Local Gentry Association in Mid-Yi Dynasty Korea: A Preliminary Study of the Ch’angnyong Hyangan, 1600-1838.” The Journal of Korean Studies 2 (1980): 113-137.

_____________. “A Study of the Hyangan: Kin Groups and Aristocratic Localism in the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Korean Countryside.” The Journal of Korean Studies 5 (1984): 3-38.

_____________. “The Local Yangban in Andong: Village Bureau Heads and Their Deputies in Late Choson Dynasty Korea.” In Hangukhak ui kwaje wa chonmang: Che-5 hoe kukche haksul hoeui segye Hangukhak taehoe nonmunjip I (Kijo yonsol – yoksa – omun p’yon): Korean Studies, Its Tasks and Perspectives I: Papers of the 5th International Conference on Korean Studies. Songnam: Hanguk chongshin munhwa yonguwon, 1988.

_____________. “The Way of the Sonbi: Local Yangban and the Korean Intellectual Tradition.” Korean Culture 10:2 (Summer 1989): 4-14.

_____________. “A Scholar of the Mountain-Grove (Sallim) in the Eighteenth Century Korean Society and State: A Case of Pak P’il-ju (1680-1748).” Tongbang hakchi 66 (1990:6): 135-178.

_____________. “A Yangban Organization in the Countryside: The Tansong Hyang’an of Mid-Choson Dynasty Korea.” The Journal of Korean Studies 8 (1992): 3-35.

_____________. “Yangban Legacy: Cultural Localism and Korean Identity.” In Ho-Youn Kwon, ed. Korean Cultural Roots: Religion and Social Thoughts. Chicago: Integrated Technical Resources, 1995.

_____________. “Cultural Localism in the Late Choson Dynasty and Its Significance in Modern Korea.” Hiroshima jogakuin daigaku ronshu 45 (1995): 91-115.

_____________. What is Yangban?: A Legacy for Modern Korea. Seoul: Institute for Modern Korean Studies, Yonsei University, 2002.

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