4.19 and 5.18: spot the difference

In lieu of actually providing some original content myself (soon…), can I point our patient readers once again toward the excellent blog Gusts of Popular Feeling, where Matt has provided a fascinating comparison of photographs of the uprisings that took place in Seoul in April 1960 and Kwangju in May 1980. The similarities between the pictures, although perhaps not all that significant, are intriguing.

As an aside, Matt’s mention of the Japanese film director Oshima Nagisa sent me on one of those distracting internet excursions, at the end of which I decided I really must see the film Koshikei sometime. I wonder if anyone knows anything more about the Korean actor who played the lead in the film, Yun Yungdo (not Yu To-yun as it says in this link)? A search on Naver only turns up this entry on the film.


  1. The accurate name of the leading actor in the film “Koshikei” is 尹隆道 (Yun Yung-do, 윤융도).

    Seems that the only movie that he appeared in was “Koshikei” and afterwards he devoted
    himself in Mindan (Korean Residents Union In Japan) activities.

  2. There is a cameo appearance by Yun Yung-do in a later Oshima’s movie Shonen/Boy. He plays one of the victim drivers blackmailed after the fake arranged car accidents.

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