Korea University: 2nd International Forum on Korean Studies

Last week I attended (actually, I think the word “crashed” is more accurate) the 2nd International Forum on Korean Studies held by Korea University. The conference featured a number of interesting speakers from different fields related to the study of Korea, was extremely well funded, and gave me an opportunity to meet many interesting scholars and students in the field, including someone who I believe will soon be introducing themselves as a new contributor here at Frog in a Well – Korea. It also featured a number of speakers and commentators who focus mostly on Japan but were willing to make the forage into the field of Korean studies, including Naoki Sakai and a truly inspiring young professor I had a chance to study intellectual history with at Waseda University: Umemori Naoyuki. One of our fellow contributors here at Frog in a Well, Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja) also participated as a discussant.

I was going to give a short overview of some of the papers that were presented but it appears as though they are all available for download at the official homepage for the event: 2nd International Forum on Korean Studies.

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