Unity across the Taiwan strait

Via China Digital Times a You Tube presentation for foreigners who know f****1 all about Chinese history explaining why Tibet was, is and always will be part of China. The only really interesting thing about it in a historical sense is that when they flash a series of maps to prove the “legitimancy” of China’s claims to Tibet they give the start and end dates for the Yuan and Qing dynasties2 For the Republic they only have a start date, not an end date, whereas most mainland stuff ends the Republic in 1949. Nice to see an attempt to reach out to the other side.

UPDATE More from Danwei

  1. a word that is used about 20 times in this bit of scholarship 

  2. They have a map showing that the Ming controlled Tibet too. Did you know that? Neither did I. Learn something everyday 


  1. Yuan is actually now Mongolia. Proving Tibet belong to Yuan is giving it to Mongolia. Great move.

    Qing became Manchu Goa during WWII, a poppet regime of Japan. Tibet belonging to Qing is giving it to Japan. Say “Thank You”, Japan.

    ROC had never exercise jurisdiction nor administration of Tibet. So there was a great continuity of “Chinese” rule on Tibet. While Chinese rules Tibet the last time, during late Ming, Spain and Netherlands ruled Taiwan. If this period of history can be used as a guide to who owns who, Taiwan should be independent, as a former colony.

  2. I saw this video on YouTube last week and had a good laugh. I particularly enjoyed the “map evidence” for showing that Tibet has always been a part of China. Apparently the author is unaware of the propagandistic role mapmaking can easily play (and historically has played). Peter Perdue’s excellent book “China Marches West” on the Qing conquest of the western and northern frontier territories analyzes the propagandistic role mapmaking played in the Qing. Qing maps commonly included land that was in no real sense under Imperial control. Indeed, such techniques were often part of campaigns to legitimize incursions into desired or hostile territory.

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