Conference: 日中ジャーナリズム研究サミット

The 20世紀メディア研究所, which produces the wonderful journal Intelligence and helps manage the amazing online database index of the Prange archive of early postwar Japanese media that is an absolute must for anyone studying Japan during the occupation period, is helping organizing a conference at Waseda University in Tokyo on topics related to Sino-Japanese media issues.

The first day of the conference, December 21st, will be of interest to many historians, as it will focus on media in the foreign concessions (of China). Here is the schedule:

講演会 13:00~17:30

歓迎の辞 佐藤正志(早稲田大学政治学研究科長・教授)

講演① 山本武利(早稲田大学教授)

講演② 黄 瑚(復旦大学教授)

講演③ 黄 旦(復旦大学教授)

特別講演 黄 昇民(中国伝媒大学広告学院長・教授)

Location: 早稲田大学早稲田キャンパス3号館二階第一会議室

Other sessions of the conference look at a number of issues related to media and sports, especially the Olympics. You can find the full schedule for the conference here.

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