China-Burma-India and popular history sources

Looking for information on the American involvement in China in World War Two? Not too long ago that would have been the last thing anyone who did serious China work would be looking for, but given the new interest in transnational history, the war period,  some people might be interested all the old ephemera that is popping up all over the web to fascinate historians with its insight into the daily experience of the past while frustrating them with its poor sourcing. One example is CHINA – BURMA – INDIA Remembering the Forgotten Theater of World War II

It includes reprints of a lot of stuff you could get elsewhere, but it is easier to find it here, as well as accounts from vets (all Americans) and lots of pictures.

Some show Chinese wartime propaganda in situ

They have a collection of blood chits, which I found interesting since I never realized how 文言文 the early ones were. Hard to see why you would do that given the intended audience, but the later ones get better. Apparently the American military was working on how to communicate with foreigners.

And of course they have lots of maps. Ever wondered what Chongqing looked like to Americans?

A student could get a really good paper on American images of Asia from all this.

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