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Kei Yamamoto, writing for the citizen newspaper JANJAN, has reviewed the film Japan’s Peace Constitution (邦題 『映画 日本憲法』). The film is directed by John Junkerman, who also gave us Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times.

This documentary flick contains interviews with key intellectual in Japan and elsewhere, including John Dower, Chamlers Johnson, Noam Chomsky, Hidaka Rokuro (a leading Japanese social theorist), and others.

Also included are clips from an interview with Beate Sirota Gordon, who literally gave the postwar constitution the gender equality clause (I wrote about her a while ago on my blog, but this site is much more informative, as is the wikipedia entry).

The film is accompanied by a book in Japanese with the same title.

The review article is in Japanese: 文化・「九条の町」で見た映画 日本国憲法. An earlier JANJAN article about the film is here.

[The image shows the cover for the companion book, taken from and also displayed on the film’s official website. The caption on the film site reads: 画 / 奈良美智「Missing in Action -Girl meets Boy-」(広島市現代美術館所蔵). ]

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