National Taiwan University Library

I’ve started an entry for the NTU Library at the EALA wiki.

Besides the fact that this is a wonderful library by any international standard, I’m really impressed with how open this university library is to visitors. As I explain in the Usage section for the EALA entry, you need only bring a passport or student ID and register at one of the computers near the entry to get a temporary readers card and free wireless login information. The process is even faster and simpler than that at the national libraries in Taiwan, Korea, or Japan. I wish some prominent American university libraries provided such easy access to visitors.


  1. It’s the same here at WenDa (文化大學) in Taipei (not the one on 陽明山). Every day, I just walk in with my computer, hand them an ID, and they give me a password to use wifi.

    I used to study at TaiDa, but I’ve never been in the library. I’d assume, though, that their library is considerably larger than the small, one-floor (albeit new and well-equipped) library at WenDa.

  2. sounds good, Here in HK, only the remote University of science & technology has such a liberal approach, as far as I know.

    But our public libraries are good, internet access is free and open to everybody including tourists.

  3. Yes, I think people overseas would be shocked at how open some institutions are here, especially for foreigners. That goes for people too — I’m always amazed at who is willing to take the time to talk to me.


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